Lucky Number Chico

As one may know, this sport requires luck. I hate saying it, but it is true to some extent. Luck alone won't lead to a victory, there is still no substitute for the hard work needed. An untimely puncture, an unavoidable crash, missing your feed (the opportunity on the course to pick up an extra bottle),…Read more Lucky Number Chico

Team Camp

The excursion to the back country of San Diego from Vegas did not happen as planned. It could not be as easy as jumping in the car and arriving in a couple hours. Things have been running a little too smooth lately, until the upper pulley wheel of my.. timing belt (sure, let us go…Read more Team Camp


It's official! I will be rocking the baby blue of Pacific Premier Bank for the 2017 season! I had the opportunity of sporting their colors during the Cascade Cycling Classic. Chris Wyman and Anthony Fitch are both young, fit, and motivated. Having a team that shares the same end result as you is key. When…Read more 2017!

My First Post!

After many weeks of contemplating about creating a blog, I have finally decided to pull the trigger. The purpose of this blog doesn't serve as a pedestal for my results while racing or to put down any fellow racers. But to shed light on the lifestyle and thought process of a young elite racer with…Read more My First Post!