My First Post!

After many weeks of contemplating about creating a blog, I have finally decided to pull the trigger. The purpose of this blog doesn’t serve as a pedestal for my results while racing or to put down any fellow racers. But to shed light on the lifestyle and thought process of a young elite racer with a dream of becoming a familiar face in the professional peloton. Sure, a couple race reports here and there, but mostly an experience. In hopes of becoming the local “dude.” Which one can ask questions regarding racing/training or possibly inspiring one to attend a local event (Is guru the word I am looking for?). This sport has rewarded me with the opportunity to meet MANY people who have impacted my life dramatically. Molding me into the person who you see today, I am full of gratitude for that. I wish provide insight to the younger generation who may have just uncovered this hidden gem of cycling. This sport is a lot like a sugar cube. Fragile and crumbling at any second is a possibility, but do not be intimidated to stick your tongue out and taste it.

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