It’s official! I will be rocking the baby blue of Pacific Premier Bank for the 2017 season! I had the opportunity of sporting their colors during the Cascade Cycling Classic. Chris Wyman and Anthony Fitch are both young, fit, and motivated. Having a team that shares the same end result as you is key. When the three of us set out to recon stage 1, they were about 20 minutes late. I am going to fit in just fine!!

With the addition of Ian Holt, Ian Moore, and Stefan Zavislan it’s going to be a phenomenal season. I’ve raced with Stefan a few times and rode Neil’s 4 days of fitness with him as well. I haven’t met either Ian, but know they are both proven in the NRC peloton. Some of the races like Valley of the Sun and Chico Stage Race that are early in the season, offer the opportunity of an early result for the team with many pro teams coming out of hibernation.

I could not be happier with this team and seeing it evolve over the past years. I remember racing Valley of Fire (the local stage race), and racing along side the entire squad in the cat 3/4’s. The growth of the program is unbelievable and isn’t going to be slowing down anytime soon! Until the next time, one pedal in front of the other.

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